Mother’s Day When Motherhood Failed You

Mother’s Day this year is unlike any before. Some of us are stuck in the house with our kids all day long, and some of us are separated from our mothers who we can’t see due to age and risk of illness. What about those of us who had a mother who neglected or abused us? How do we celebrate the narcissistic mother who chose men or alcohol over our well-being?

Motherhood Failed You

You are scrolling through social media seeing the beautiful posts your friends wrote to honor their perfect mother. You wear an armor hardened by years spent under the supervision of someone who failed you. Motherhood failed you. You have memories of your mother passed out, drunk, unable to get out of bed. She left you alone for hours or days while she chased the latest love affair. You felt like an outcast at school as you compared your life to the kids who had moms that served on the PTO and attended every school event.

You know that if you wait, you will find yourself failing at motherhood, and in some ways, you already feel like you are failing. You work tirelessly making your life perfect, and you bottle up the shame, because if anyone knew how you felt or thought, they might hate you. You know that if you continue down this path, you might ruin your relationship with your children or partner and will find yourself alone.

Mother’s Day and Waking the Tiger

You are now on a journey to understand your past, untangle the memories, break the cycle of addiction and abuse, and waking the tiger. You want something different for your own family, and you know that one person can break the cycle of trauma in a family. You are resourceful, determined, and ready to take the next step in healing. 

Healing for Women Who Want to Feel Love

I am anxiety therapist in San Marcos, TX and offer counseling for women who have put themselves on the back burner for so long, to find love for themselves, ditch the perfectionism and embrace what is messy but beautiful about their life. I help women soften the armor shaped by years of neglect. Together, we delve into a process of healing and growth that can transform your life, spirit, soul, and mind. 

Schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation to find your way back to yourself, with less anxiety and more ease in San Marcos and Cypress, Texas. 

About the Author

Rebecca Ray is an LMFT-Associate and owner of Ray Family Therapy in San Marcos and Cypress, Texas. She helps women and couples find their way back to love, ditch the perfectionism and shame. Rebecca is serious about eating tacos on Tuesday, has three kids and three dogs, and blogs regularly. She is under the supervision of David Lawson, LMFT-S, Lic. #2137.

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