Anxiety Symptoms in COVID-19

You are juggling homeschooling your children, or your college-aged kids are suddenly home but shut away in their rooms engaged in online classes, all while you manage increasing work demands while pursuing your career from home. You are up late responding to work emails and up early helping your children log on to online class meetings. Your routine is a wreck and anxiety symptoms intolerable.

Anxiety Symptoms

Your sleep is disrupted with to-do-lists that fill your brain at 2 am. You are frustrated by the lagging internet as multiple people in your home use devices. You feel nervous, catch yourself eating at odd hours when you aren’t hungry, aimlessly scroll through social media seeing how happy everyone else seems. You are worried about your finances and afraid of going to the store. You are sick of wearing the mask and wonder how you’ll manage as the temperatures increase in Texas. 

You work so hard making everything perfect and you’ve learned to pride yourself on your perfectionism. Overworking and perfecting every detail is the only way you can manage the shame. You know that if you continue this path of overworking and sleeplessness, that you’ll end up sick, burned out, and using emotional eating to cope.  

You started the shelter at home order with health goals and increased your exercise and ate more meals at home. You are goal oriented and focused on improving yourself, but now, goal setting seems impossible. The chaos of home life derailed your personal and career goals and you need help getting back on track.

Anxiety Treatment 

You want to set emotional health goals and decrease your anxiety symptoms. Let’s start with the dialogue in your head that we’ll refer as your head trash. Take a moment and listen to your thoughts. How do you speak to yourself? The head trash swirling in your mind tells you that you’re bad, not good enough, a failure, worthless, and pushes you to hide and put more energy into looking and acting perfect. Negative self-talk takes an immense amount of energy, causes anxiety, and makes life feel chaotic. No person can set clear goals feeling anxious under stress. 

I help women with anxiety symptoms and head trash learn to relax, set goals, and ditch the shame and perfectionism. I help women develop positive self-talk that enable you to smash career goals, connect with your kids and partner, and shake off the stuff that holds you back. If you are looking to change your life, stop the head trash talk and call me. 

Schedule your free 20-minute consultation with Rebecca, an anxiety therapist in San Marcos and Cypress, Texas, and start living your best life with less stress and more ease.

About Rebecca Ray, LMFT-A

Rebecca Ray is an LMFT-Associate and owner of Ray Family Therapy in San Marcos and Cypress, Texas. She helps women and couples find their way back to love and ditch the perfectionism and shame. Rebecca is serious about eating tacos on Tuesday, has three kids and three dogs, and blogs regularly. She is under the supervision of David Lawson, LMFT-S, Lic. #2137.

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