You still feel stuck and haunted by past memories. Anxiety is just a normal part of your life. You’ve tried everything to get it under control, and you feel resigned to the symptoms. You have difficulty sleeping, you wake up in the night worried about tomorrow’s tasks, but feel exhausted by the end of the day. Your brain fires on all cylinders and you just want your life to feel calm.

You don’t expect for the people around you to change. Work and life will always we busy, but you are ready to work on yourself. You need a therapist who understands you are a unique person with your own feelings and emotions. No one else you know matches your exact set of circumstances, so it doesn’t matter what everyone else would do. You just wish that you could love yourself and trust that the people around you love you.

Cutting Edge Healing for Anxiety and Trauma

You want help but don’t want to go to a therapist where you hash out the past, because that feels too painful. What if you could heal from your pain and reduce your anxiety without having to talk about it over and over again? My clients come to me because they want cutting edge tools to help them, and what’s amazing, is that EMDR does this at a brain and neuron level. EMDR is a cutting edge science-based way of changing the brain. After you utilize EMDR you respond to stress differently and you aren’t quick to get upset about things.

Some of my clients have been in therapy in the past and have found EMDR much more effective than just regular talk therapy. I help adults who struggle with symptoms of anxiety, who feel overwhelmed in life, and spend their days caring for everyone else. You will learn to identify your feelings and emotions and develop skills that help you cope. As you develop self-compassion, you will learn to turn off the negative self-talk and worry that fills your head at night. Together, we will explore patterns in your family and life that keep you stuck and leave you feeling unlovable, worthless, and hopeless. We will examine thought patterns that create feelings of shame and defeat.

How EMDR Can Help

In our sessions, you will learn to slow down and use skills that help keep you from becoming overwhelmed. Clients describe me as calm and accepting and feel supported as they make changes. My clients develop self-compassion during our work together and feel calmer and more grounded in their day-to-day life. I am fully trained in EMDR and understand how anxiety, trauma, and addictions impact the brain. If you are tired of waiting on the people or circumstances around you to change, and ready to take control of your own life…

Schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation to start the process of healing on your own with EMDR therapy in San Marcos and Cypress, Texas.

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