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Counseling for Women Who Want to Feel Loved

You spend all day making everything perfect, shuttling the kids around to their activities, getting things done through the house and making sure everything is taken care of. You’ve put a lot of your dreams on hold, not fully pursing the career wanted, all so you can support your partner in their dreams. You love your kids, but you scream when they don’t listen, and dread going to sleep because you’ll wake up at 2am thinking about the next day. No matter how hard you try, you can’t make others happy. This feels exactly like your own family from your childhood and deep down you know what this cycle is doing to your children. You go through the day feeling so much shame and know that if anyone really knew who you were, they might hate you.

You don’t feel attractive, desired, or lovable, but you’re motivated, you want these things to change, and you’re done with this cycle of anxiety and low self-worth. You aren’t asking for the people around you to change, you just wish you could love yourself and trust that they love you.

If things don’t change you know you will continue to work toward an unattainable perfection while wanting more happiness and more connection with others. You will continue to resent the people you love most as you hit the floor running every day, feeling crazy and overwhelmed, all to repeat the cycle the next day. I help women who have put themselves on the backburner for so long, to find love for themselves, ditch the perfectionism and embrace what is messy but beautiful about their life.

I provide counseling to women in San Marcos and Cypres, Texas and online. I am calm and use silence in session. I never push people to share unless they want to, and I move at the client’s pace. I understand how trauma impacts the brain and body and help clients learn to identify their feelings, experience it in their body, and skills that help them cope. My hope is you will learn to identify how patterns in your family influence how you interact with others and how it increases your anxiety and anger. You will learn to slow down and use skills that help you from becoming overwhelmed. I want for you to feel safe sharing things with me you never shared with anyone else.

Many of my clients express that they feel more confidence and have a better sense of self. They improve their view of the world, have coping skills for handling anxiety and problems they face in life. They feel like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders and feel accepted. 

Schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation to start finding your way back to yourself, with less anxiety and more ease.


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