Telehealth Therapy

Telehealth Therapy in Texas

Private, convenient, and portable mental health care available to residents of Texas.

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Marriage Counseling Online

I offer telehealth therapy and marriage counseling online and to residents of Texas, and it is private, convenient, and portable! I offer virtual appointments to individuals and couples. You can schedule and attend online and ‘meet’ with me in the comfort of your home or a private area with internet access anywhere in Texas. Online therapy is often referred to as internet therapy, telemental health, or telehealth therapy, teletherapy, and this type of counseling is easy to get started.

Online therapy is convenient . Traveling for business in Texas? No problem! No need to reschedule or miss your appointment. Car problems or unable to drive but have a session scheduled? Online therapy eliminates the worry about traffic, weather, or missing an appointment due to sickness, in-state travel, or an emergency.

I use Simple Practice,, and Google Meet which all offer HIPAA compliant online therapy platforms. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed by these companies. No one else needs to know you attend therapy, since you can engage in sessions from the privacy of your home.

Advantages of Telehealth Therapy

  1. Texas is HUGE and it can be hard to find the right therapist in your area. Online therapy brings the therapist to you.
  2. Physical limitations can make getting to or keeping appointments difficult. Sometimes surgery or other physical situations can get in the way of keeping a session. Online therapy can bridge that gap.
  3. Online therapy is convenient! Getting health care taken care of with all the traffic and the distance involved in getting around the area can be challenging. No more panic attacks or anxiety about not getting to the office in time.

Disadvantages of Telehealth Therapy

  1. Online therapists have trouble responding immediately in a crisis situation. For instance, I will always make note of your location and contact number before sessions because this mobile format means you can log-in to sessions anywhere in Texas. I need to be able to get emergency personnel to you if any kind of health event occurs (like an asthma attack).
  2. Online therapy is not always recommended for serious psychiatric illnesses. There are instances where online therapy is not as hands on as is beneficial and healing for clients. Some cases need coordinated care with a local provider.
  3. Online therapy can sometimes miss important information. The missed information is primarily body movements that are important keys in the conversation we have together. For instance, an uncomfortable topic might make you fidget or tense up. These are clues I need to know so that we can get the best conversational experience. We learn together to talk more about what is happening when we talk together (bodily sensations and movements).

How Video Sessions Work

Video sessions take place in the client portal at SimplePractice. Upon registering on the client portal you will see your appointment time. To attend the appointment, simply use a device with a camera, microphone, speakers, and screen. I also recommend using headphones. If using video conferencing on the client portal, simply click on your appointment and then click on “start session”. In the event SimplePractice does not meet our needs, I use and Google Meet and will provide instructions on how to access those platforms.

How to Handle Technology Issues

Technology issues are not expected. However, if you do encounter technology issues with trying to attend your session, you can call us to work through the issue.

Telehealth Locations

Texas residents only.


All communication between you and Ray Family Therapy is either to take place via a phone call, or by using strong encryption. All records are also kept using strong encryption and security procedures. Please do not contact Rebecca Ray or Ray Family Therapy using standard SMS texting, since it is not secure.

Privacy Practices

Please click here to read our privacy practices. Rebecca Ray is a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in Texas, Lic. #20366 and is under the supervision of David Lawson, LMFT-S, Lic. #2137.

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