Anxiety Coping Skills

I grappled with how to start this blog post. Do I admit that I too, feel lost, confused, worried, and a pit in my stomach? Our collective society took another hit with the senseless killing of George Floyd, and we are grappling with years of systemic racism and countering with an anti-racist stance. We canContinue reading “Anxiety Coping Skills”

Anxiety Symptoms in COVID-19

You are juggling homeschooling your children, or your college-aged kids are suddenly home but shut away in their rooms engaged in online classes, all while you manage increasing work demands while pursuing your career from home. You are up late responding to work emails and up early helping your children log on to online classContinue reading “Anxiety Symptoms in COVID-19”

Quarantined. Now What? Relationship advice during a pandemic.

Quarantined. Now What? Relationship advice during a pandemic. Let’s talk about how you can ignite passion and create the love you both desire, despite a pandemic. Less than a week ago, life as we know it changed dramatically. We are a service-based society, keen on eating out, happy hours, concerts, and rodeos. We take ourContinue reading “Quarantined. Now What? Relationship advice during a pandemic.”